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Francesca Gentille

Francesca Gentille (July 4, 1957 –)

Role(s): Priestess, Minister, Secretary of CAW Board

Francesca Gentille is the Secretary of the Church of All Worlds Board of Directors, the High Priestess of Sanctuary of the Heart Temple and the founder of the The Sacred Courtesan School for All Women. She is an ordained Isian Priestess, initiated daughter of Yemanja, initiated Mystoi of the Eleusinian Mysteries, 3rd Degree Priestess of Love & Eros, initiated Ishtarian Priestess, and an initiated Priestess of Persephone. She is a Clinical Sexolgist, Sexual Healing Coach, Relationship Mentor, Couples Muse, Radio Host, and Relationship Intuitive. Priestess Francesca has been leading group ritual inTemples of Love, Inner Flame, Sacred Eros, Divine Connection, Ritual Theatre, and Healing since 1987, has been formally teaching Eros magick techniques since 1999 & Sacred Kink since 2010.

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